30 Day Packages

Perfect for getting a base tan, going on a cruise, or vacation! Tan every day, for thirty days, with no commitment required. 

20 minute tanning bed, with UVB Rays. Perfect for Vitamin D!

LVL1: Super


UVB, 20 minutes

A 12 minute tanning bed, with facial tanners, UVA, & UVB rays.

LVL3: Olympic


UVA&B, Aroma, Stand-up, 12 min

mix-t tanning bed.jpg

LVL5: Mix-T


UVA, Body Tanner, 15 min.

A sunless spray tanning unit, VersaSpa Pro, using Norvell Bronze and Clear Solution. Our spray booth operates with 100+ options.

Sunless Sprays


4 Basic Spray Tans.

A 12 minute tanning bed that includes facial tanners, UVB, UVA Rays.

LVL2: Ultra


UVA&UVB, Facials, 12-20 min.

universe tanning bed.jpg

LVL4: Universe


UVA&B, High-Powered Facials


LVL6: Hybrid


UV + Redlight, 10 min.