30 Day Packages

Perfect for getting a base tan, going on a cruise, or vacation! Tan every day, for thirty days, with no commitment required. Our 30 day packages include all levels of tanning beds, spray tans, and redlight therapy!

20 minute tanning bed, with UVB Rays. Perfect for Vitamin D!

LVL1: Super


UVB, 20 minutes

A 12 minute tanning bed, with facial tanners, UVA, & UVB rays.

LVL3: Olympic


UVA&B, Aroma, Stand-up, 12 min

mix-t tanning bed.jpg

LVL5: Mix-T


UVA, Body Tanner, 15 min.

A sunless spray tanning unit, VersaSpa Pro, using Norvell Bronze and Clear Solution. Our spray booth operates with 100+ options.

Sunless Sprays


4 Basic Spray Tans.

A 12 minute tanning bed that includes facial tanners, UVB, UVA Rays.

LVL2: Ultra


UVA&UVB, Facials, 12-20 min.

universe tanning bed.jpg

LVL4: Universe


UVA&B, High-Powered Facials


LVL6: Hybrid


UV + Redlight, 10 min.