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HANDHELD SPRAYS: Appointments may be available outside of given time slots. If you would like to book a spray appointment that may not be allowed in bookings, please call 931-526-2442. 

Meet Your Master Spray Artist


Hi there! I am Kirsten, your local Master certified Norvell Spray Artist. As the owner and operator of Sun Tan Village, the details of a good spray tan are very important to me. I make sure to prep you before the spray, customize each spray tan according to your body type, make any changes necessary for each spray tan, and have you leaving with post care steps to ensure success and longer lasting color. I am so glad you have chosen STV as your spray tan location! I specialize in wedding sprays, but also have a passion for pageant sprays, special occasion sprays, and plus size women. If you are hesitant in getting a spray, schedule a consult so we can just chat about how the process works! 

PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING: My time slots are sometimes very limited. I also value your time and my time as well. Please consider other appointments and do not arrive late. Please inform be 1 hour before if you are unable to make your time slot. I understand that life happens and sometimes we cannot make our appointments, but please consider that these are paid time slots and if they go unused, I am working for free! I prefer a 24hr notice cancellation, but last minute (1 hr before) cancels are okay if there is an emergency. DO NOT BOOK unless you are POSITIVE you will be making the appointment, barring any emergencies.
HAVING TROUBLE BOOKING? Our time slots can sometimes book the wrong time or are not obvious in letting you know that slot is already reserved. If you are having trouble, please call us at 931-526-2442 and myself or the girls can get you the correct appointment time.

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Timeline for your Spray Tan


Shave 12-24 hours BEFORE your spray tan appointment. This allows time after you shave for the oils in your skin to reproduce, making the DHA in spray tans stick better and longer to your skin. Shaving immediately before your spray tan can strip your pores and cause the spray tan to not stay as long.


Exfoliate with our Norvell refining scrub immediately before your spray tan. This gets your dead layer of skin off, to allow the spray tan to be applied directly onto your new epidermis layer of skin. This makes the spray tan last the longest. If you do not have our refining scrub, use paraben and sulfate free exfoliants at home. If you do not have time to exfoliate, that is okay! We have exfoliant mitts for use before your spray tan!


Time for your spray! We take care of the rest.




With over 90+ Options to Choose From

Automated Spray Tanning with VersaPro  |  $32+

Customized Handheld Spray Tanning  |  $40+

The average person sheds their top layer of skin every 7 days. With that being said, it is impossible to keep your spray tan for longer than that, so anyone advertising otherwise isn't telling the truth! We also recommend not getting more than 1 spray tan weekly, as it can dry out your skin and cause it to be flaky.

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Customized Handheld Spray Tanning

Our Norvell certified technicians will customize solutions and other Norvell specialty products to your skin type, to ensure a golden and natural tan.
DISCLAIMER, every skin type is different and turns out completely different. That is why it is essential to have a certified artist customize and combine the correct solution for your skin type. We will not steer you wrong!


Dark Solution

The essential Dark solution is created with the Natural Color Complex. This complex is infused with natural ingredients to protect and nourish skin for just-off-the-beach-color.


VIVID Cosmo Organic

A smokey, exotic tan with a purple tint. Designed to match skin colors found on the beautiful beaches of the European Riviera. Best-selling, proprietary sunless formula created with VIO-7™, a unique blend of anti-orange bronzer pigments, designed to counter an unwanted orange undertone for a natural-looking tan.


Venetian Solution

The darkest option, with naturally derived and organic ingredients. Vivid is infused with blend of botanicals. The combination is a powerful dose of antioxidants to help protect and renew the skin for a long, lasting tan. Achieve rich and striking tanning results with the proprietary Smart Tan Color Technology.


One-Hour Rapid Spray

With a raspberry almond fragrance, Rapid development sunless solution utilizes a proprietary amino acid system. Introduced specifically for clients who can’t wait the usual 8-12 hours for their post session warm water rinse. This solution will produce after a 1-3 hour period.

Automatic Versa Pro 

The VersaSpa Pro is the automated spray tanning booth, where the booth sprays you with 90+ options.


Basic Spray Tan

This Spray Tan includes a basic spray without add-ons. Your choices include a bronze tan or a clear tan. Bronze provides more instant gratification whereas Clear takes longer to show up, but looks natural overall. Skin Colors 1-4 are provided.


Pure Spray Tan

This Spray Tan includes your basic spray, plus one add-on of your choice. Your choices are PH, Moisturizer, or Double on your Legs. Scroll down to learn more about PH & Moist!


Ultimate Spray Tan

This Spray Tan includes your basic spray, plus two add-ons of your choice. Your choices are PH, Moisturizer, or Double on your Legs. Scroll down to learn more about PH & Moist!


The Works!

This Spray Tan is the all inclusive choice of our sprays. If you want all add-ons, plus double on your legs, this is the one for you!

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