6 levels, 36 rooms, redlight therapy, 100+ spray options, & unlimited product options

Sunclubs & Services

All of our packages either come with unlimited use of tanning, a 30 day limit, or a minute section with minutes that never expire. If you want unlimited, choose EFT. If you only want 30 days, choose 30 Day Packages. If you only tan less than three times a week, we recommend minutes. Your best option is to stop in for a tour, we can show you all of the ropes! We know it can be a little overwhelming here. We hope to see you soon!



On average, your body sheds your outermost layer of skin every 7 days. So a spray tan usually cannot last any longer than that. We offer up to 90 different options for spray tanning capabilities.


Do you enjoy the occasional Vitamin D, but don't like to come constantly? Our minute bundles are just for you! You can purchase them and they stay on your account, never to expire.


Are you tanning for at least 6 months? EFT's are our most affordable package, the commitment requires 6 months of membership. If you are a seasonal tanner or tan at least half of the year, join SunClub!


Perfect for getting a base tan, going on a cruise, or vacation! Tan every day, for thirty days, with no commitment required.